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Re: fresh blood gets congested: long way to become DD

On Fri, 6 Jan 2006 19:00:44 +0100 (CET), "Thijs Kinkhorst" <kink@squirrelmail.org> said:


> Appearently, the DAM wants to personally verify that an account he
> creates is for a truely ready Debian developer. While I personally
> think that we should select AM's in such a way that they can be
> trusted in making that judgement, I can see where this comes
> from. However, why is the FD then duplicating that work? In effect,
> the FD does the full check, the DAM throws this result away and does
> the full check again. That makes the FD check totally irrelevant. Marc
> Brockschmidt indicated on this list that it takes him about 2 hours to
> make that check. Wasted effort? It seems so for the casual
> bystander. I can't think of a good reason to do this. Maybe a
> FD-member can clarify a bit about this.

Disclaimer: I am not an FD-member, nor even a DD.  But I am currently in
NM (waiting for an AM).

I assume FD is a pre-screen, so that they can send back applications
that fail on some more obvious criteria.  DAM may need to do more
thorough checks.  FD's checks ensure that applications that reach DAM
are more ready to be processed, reducing DAM's load by decreasing the
number of applications they need to go through.

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