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Re: Various things

On Friday 22 July 2005 05.00, Matthew Palmer wrote:
> 2) Applicants don't like it because it takes a long time to write all
> those essays

Went through it quite recently, and I must say I didn't find it too onerous.  
I just was the absolute minimalist, answering the questions with one-liners 
only and trusting my AM to request clarifications and more detail if 
necessary (he did so on one or two points.)

Yes, it got me a 'your answers are all a bit on the short side' reproof from 
FD, but so what...  I *know* that before I dig into library packages etc. 
I'll have to learn quite a bit still, but so far I've just done a few 
trivial Perl packages.

Having worked with Debian for a time (4 years or so, IIRC) and followed 
development on the mailing lists almost as long was very helpful, and of 
course I had to go back to Policy & DR a few times while writing answers, 
but I think the key element to me being able to quickly go through P&P and 
T&S was to already know most of this stuff, at least from hearsay.

So I say Yay! to Matthews monitoring & mentoring approach: someobdy who 
learns Policy and Dev Reference by heart so that he can fill T&S and P&P 
probably won't be a good developer and - more important than all skills - 
can get by completely missing the culture in Debian.  (I'm serious.  I 
consider this a very important point.)  Whereas working closely together 
over several months with a long(ish) time DD will pick up both a set of 
skills and quite a good bit working knowledge on how to navigate the Debian 
urban jungle...

-- vbi

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