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Re: Various things

Peter Samuelson wrote:
> [followups to d-newmaint please]
> [Matthew Palmer]
> > Making NM more of a mentoring+monitoring thing, instead of The Essay
> > Test From Hell, would be a Great Thing.  It appears that other AMs
> > aren't entirely against the idea, either.
> People keep complaining about the Essay Test from Hell, but I guess I
> still don't quite see the problem.  Who is it that doesn't like it?  Is
> it AMs that feel it's too much work on top of their other duties to get
> to know an applicant's skill level?  Is it the competent applicants who
> feel it's beneath them?  Or is it incompetent applicants who feel
> intimidated by all the hard concepts to look up?

As an applicant I felt it was tedious and mostly a waste of time for
buerocratic reasons. I think I have forgotten everything I needed to
look up back then, simply because I have no use for it.

> I was rather looking forward to the ETfH part, once I qualify for NM in
> the first place, which is obviously still well in the future.  Those
> templates (at least as of a long time ago when I perused them) cover
> such a wide range of material that demonstrating one's knowledge of
> everything by one's direct actions would take *forever*.

The point is, only few people need to know that wide range in full
breadth for their work.

> Sure, it's
> possible to cheat by cutting/pasting answers from someone else (or from
> google), but really it's possible to cheat on *any* NM material that
> isn't conducted via live chat.[1]
> I guess I'm not actually opposed to the idea of making people *do* all
> the things they are currently only *asked* about - I am just curious
> about who is clamoring for this, and why.

At least it would have been more productive than an exam which goes to
the waste bin afterwards.


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