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Re: Bits from the DAMs

On 10197 March 1977, Joey Hess wrote:

>>   This is to avoid theoretical things against us/the applicants, that
>>   they are "faked" by the advocate, by providing one or more other
>>   signatures from different people.
> If you're worried about an existing DD creating a new identity and
> advocating it, this seems like a very small barrier to that. Any DD
> should find it easy to do enough work as their alternate identity to get
> adovcated by someone else.

Yes, but its a little bit more. :)
Well, the more important part is the second signature here.
I would need to look in my approvals to be sure, but IIRC the only NMs
with only one signature matched the description above. "Sig from
Advocate". And they fixed that. :)

[Answering to the mail from Frans Pop together with this one]

On 10196 March 1977, Frans Pop wrote:

>> 5. Handling of MiA-Maintainers
>> ------------------------------
>> The list of developers to consider in a run is built out of
>>  - has no package in the archive and wasn't seen in the last 6 month
>>    with a signed mail by echolon,
>>  - or we got a notice from the MIA-team that they decided to orphan the
>>    packages of the maintainer due to inactivity/unresponsiveness/whatever.
>How does this take into account active developers who do not have a 
>package to their name but are co-maintainers in a team (and don't do 
>uploads themselves) or work on things like documentation, translation or 

Similar to what Don already explained: They answer to the ping we
sent. Explaining what they are doing. So we can see a trace of action
there and not kick them out.

Together with the two month timeframe for the answer that should even
work if one is on vacation/business trip or so.

bye Joerg
>D. You've just heard about this great program and would like to package
>it, what are your next steps?
I would start off by sighing deeply and wishing I were already a DD. :-)
If I were already a DD, I would perform most of these same steps.  I
would omit the deep sigh and replace it with a gasp of excitement,[...]

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