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Re: Bits from the DAMs

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> - We wont accept[5] applicants who have only one signature on their GPG-key
>   if that signature is made by the advocate. If it has only a signature
>   from the advocate at least another one from the web-of-trust is
>   needed. Not neccessarly a DD to sign the key, any other well-connected
>   key is sufficient.
>   Applicants will be put on hold until this is fixed, but it shouldn't
>   last too long.
>   This is to avoid theoretical things against us/the applicants, that
>   they are "faked" by the advocate, by providing one or more other
>   signatures from different people.

If you're worried about an existing DD creating a new identity and
advocating it, this seems like a very small barrier to that. Any DD
should find it easy to do enough work as their alternate identity to get
adovcated by someone else.

see shy jo

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