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Re: New Front Desk members

also sprach Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo <fenio@debian.org> [2005.01.31.1258 +0100]:
> By the way. Could we please use "gender" in db.debian.org?

This is a good idea.

To address Helen's concern... this is a problem with the English
language. However, it is only a problem ever since feminists
identified it as such. 'he' only respresents disrespect of the
female gender's role if you want it to. I would say that most every
user reading the documents will not care whether the new maintainer
is female or male, a talking parrot or a disguising alien, a table
cloth or a plant. It's a "new maintainer" in the context of the NM
documents, nothing more and nothing less.

You have the choice to either bloat every text with the "he or she"
and "his or her" stuff, or just deal. I find that political (or
whatever) correctness makes texts awkward to read. They provide no
benefits other than give the feminists a feeling of success, which
is fake anyway.

I realise this is flame bait. Please don't. If you want to see
gender support in the Debian documentation, check it out from CVS
and get going. I doubt people will object.

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