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Re: New Front Desk members

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt and Brian Nelson have recently joined the Front
Desk.  I'm currently giving them some training and I have also written
documentation on the activities of the Front Desk.  The documentation
is available from http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/nm/trunk/doc/  It's not
particularly exciting reading, but at least the functions of the Front
Desk are documented now.


I was looking over some of the documentation on the page you mentioned, and I noticed that some of the templates assume that the people referred to will be male. [1] assumes that a NM applicant is male. [2] assumes that any DD, or any respectable person who might be contacted to verify the applicant's identity will be male.

Could you please reword these to use gender-neutral language. My suggested solutions for the problematic paragraphs are included below.



1. http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/nm/trunk/doc/front-desk/templates/new-ams?op=file&rev=0&sc=0 2. http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/nm/trunk/doc/front-desk/templates/nm-no-sig?op=file&rev=0&sc=0

Suggested solution for [1] (paragraph 4):

Please note that being an AM is a very important and responsible job.
Please treat your applicants in a nice and friendly manner.  If you have
any questions about how to proceed with an applicant, please don't hesitate to contact me. During the first few phases, you should ask the applicant about themselves and what they want to do. We generally include a short biography in the public AM report, so other developers can get to know the applicant better. However, some people might not want their information be published on a web site and hence in google. In fact, we had a big complaint about this recently. Hence, please make sure to ask your applicant *explicitly* whether you can post their bio to a public mailing list.

Suggested solution for [2]

(paragraph 2):
However, it is not signed by an existing Debian developer.  Since many
people trust Debian, we have to make sure that new volunteers are who
they claim to be.  The easiest check is having your GPG key signed by
a Debian developer because this means that they have met you in real life and confirmed your identity.

(paragraph 4):
The NM process offers another option: you can send me a scanned image of
an ID card (passport, drivers licence) and the name of a person who I can contact and ask if this is really you. The person should be respectable, i.e. university staff, employer -- it would be best that their name and position can be found on a web site (e.g professors are listed on the university web site).

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