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Re: Splitting P&P templates into two

>   On Thu, Dec 30, 2004 at 01:46:38AM +0000, Helen Faulkner wrote:
>   > Given this, I think a better model for spacing the questions would be to 
>   > send a NM applicant a few questions every couple of weeks, and to pay 
>   > attention to whether they were able to fit in this workload with the rest 
>   > of their life, whether they were able to sustain that level of workload for 
>   > several months, and whether they were able to respond fairly quickly, in 
>   > general, to a new piece of work appearing for them to do.   I think that is 
>   > probably closer to what Debian actually needs from it's maintainers.

I think I spent about 16 hours total on all the questions.  I did them
in small chunks over one week.  I liked having all the questions at
once because I could look ahead and adjust my answers.  If I had only
seen the questions in small chunks, I definitely would have ended up
answering later questions as part of my answers to earlier questions.
(I did some of this anyway.)

Perhaps a good compromise would be to split the questions into
multiple email messages but to send them all at once, or just to let
the applicant know that they can send the answers pack in more than
one chunk, within reason.  For the T&S questions, I knew most of the
answers right away, but there were several that I had to research.
(I'm sure this must be the case with all applicants.)  I might have
considered sending all the answers that I knew off hand in the first
round and then sending the rest of the answers in a second round.
This would have given my AM time to review the bulk of my answers
without slowing down the process.

Either way, my AM (csmall) was very responsive and generally replied
to my long responses within a few days, which I really appreciated.

>   But it also takes away one choice from the NM applicant: wether he wants
>   to do them at once or wether he wants to do them at small chunks which
>   is both perfectly ok with the current system (unless the AM says
>   otherwise). So I would probably prefer to ask the applicant what he
>   likes better.

There's nothing in the current system that prevents the AM and
applicant from working something out now, is there?

Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org>

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