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Re: A certain piece of software (I forget which)


 Trying to unsubscribe for quite some time now, but it doesn't seem to
work. This is in the headers of the mail I receive:

> Return-Path: bounce-debian-newmaint=alfie=ist.org@lists.debian.org

 But still:

From: SmartList <debian-newmaint-request@lists.debian.org>
It has been requested that the following address:
should be deleted from the debian-newmaint mailing list.
Sorry, but this address has NOT been found on the list.

 I simply don't get it....  :-/

 Back to the topic:

* Enrico Zini <zinie@cs.unibo.it> [2004-09-03 03:06]:
> I feel uncomfortable about asking this question:
>  1. Debian was offered a Debian-specific license to package a certain
>     piece of software (I forget which).  Would we put it in main?
> not uncomfortable about the question per se, but about the "I forget
> which".  Would it be possible to fish out that information from
> somewhere?  Does someone remember some more detail, just to put up a
> message asking about it in debian-devel?

 The only thing I remeber about a Debian-specific license was when SuSE
produced a german(?) StarOffice translation and announced that Debian is
allowed to package it some months before all distributions are allowed
to use it. Though this is still a bad example because StarOffice never
was DFSG free, but the translation could have made it into non-free and
not into contrib (which is still the same topic, but to different

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