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Re: A certain piece of software (I forget which)

* Enrico Zini <zinie@cs.unibo.it> [2004-09-03 03:06]:
> I feel uncomfortable about asking this question:
>  1. Debian was offered a Debian-specific license to package a certain
>     piece of software (I forget which).  Would we put it in main?
> not uncomfortable about the question per se, but about the "I forget
> which".

I've hated this phrase for *years*.  I got this question from Julian
Gilbey's templates, used them in mine and now they're in Joerg's...
someone should finally remove that "I forget which" because it's
absolutely irrelevant for the question and makes us look like idiots.
Finally fixed in CS now, thanks.
Martin Michlmayr

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