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Concerning NM Andree Leidenfrost <aleidenf@bigpond.net.au>


some notes on Andree Leidenfrost for whoever is going to become AM for
him. This is not ment negative against him but just as a note to check
that he learned from his mistake.

Andree is maintainer of petris and his initial upload showed some lack
of the neccessary skills to build a proper deb package (Architecture
set to i386 instead of any, wrong cflags used, missing Build-Depends).

On the plus side his reaction time to the bugreport was fast and the
new upload did build successfully on several autobuilders already.

Please make sure you include questions about things like what cflags
to use, configure options passing, and sbuild/pbuild/uml-build in
his Task&Skills test to make sure he has become familiar with the
tools at hand.


PS: petris throws a bad light on his sponsor :(

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