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Re: statistics page

On Thu, Apr 29, 2004 at 02:22:56PM +0200, Michael Banck wrote:
> > How long usually takes DAM Approval?
> That depends on i) how many other NMs are in the (internal) DAM queue
> before you and ii) how much time the DAM has to process applicants.

As far as I noticed last new maintainers were proceeded on February.
And it seems that they are proceeded in some bigger groups. I mean
almost always more than 3-4 applicants became maintainers (at least in
AM weekly reports).
> > I mean nothing has happened with my application for almost two months
> > now, and I'm just curious how long could it take.
> Well, the 'time of last action' is 2004-03-11. I assume that was the
> time the frontdesk decided that your application is complete and pushed
> it to the DAM. That's still over a month though, but please consider
> that the DAM has also some other important positions in Debian and
> especially before a release is usually quite busy with other things. Two
> months of waiting is not optimal, but it is not unusual either. In fact,
> in the past, things were much worse.

I know that DAM isn't only for new maintainers processes. Seems that
I simply chose wrong time (before release) to became maintainer ;)
I'm happy that it was worse in the past... not now ;)

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to hurry anybody. I know that in such
big project as Debian, new members have to be checked very careful.
There are plenty of people which count on Debian's quality.
> > I've got 7 packages in Debian (more to come shortly) and looking for
> > sponsor every time is getting pretty uncomfortable.
> We understand completely and are sorry for the delay. But you have to
> keep in mind that processing applications takes quite a long time for
> the DAM, there is more involved than just creating the account.

Yes I know about it. I was just curious how long could it take.
Especially because statistics page doesn't show anything now.

Thanks for your answer.


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