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Re: Perl packaging

* "n.v.t n.v.t" <joefso@hotmail.com> [2004-02-22 08:32]:
>>"n.v.t n.v.t" <joefso@hotmail.com> writes:
>><ad>Use dh-make-perl! It's working almost most of the time
> Hi, but what to do when there is no Makefile.pl? There is just a Makefile.

 Then you must change your debian/rules file accordingly that it does
build the package like it is intended by upstream.

 If you need further help you are better adviced to use the
debian-mentors@lists.debian.org mailinglist because that one is there
for just that porpose: to help with packaging issues.

 Have a nice day,
"There's always someone else for you to blame"
                                  -- Chumbawamba, "Scapegoat"

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