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AM Report for Week Ending 22 Feb 2004

          Weekly Report on Debian New Maintainers

For week ending 22 Feb 2004.

Weekly Summary Statistics
4 more people applied to become a new maintainer
4 applicants became maintainers.

New Maintainers
The following applicants became new maintainers last week:
John Belmonte <jvb@prairienet.org>
Marc Brockschmidt <marc@dch-faq.de>
Adam Kessel <adam@bostoncoop.net>
Frank Küster <frank@kuesterei.ch>

Applicants with no advocate
The following applicants have no advocate and have been waiting in the queue
for longer than 3 weeks but less than 6 weeks:
Email will be sent to the applicants.

The following applicants will be deleted as they have been waiting in the
the queue for longer than 6 weeks with no advocate:
Panagiotis Labropoulos <plabrop@opengroup.org>
Matteo Mazzoni <matteo@bestmazzo.it>
Email will be sent to the applicants.

Random checks
The following applicants have completed all checks but are not
approved by their AM:

  david_nusinow@yahoo.com (benj)
  ajw2@aber.ac.uk (csmall)
  alexandre.fayolle@logilab.fr (pyro)
  debian@katzien.de (sfrost)

The following applicants are not AM approved but have an inactive AM:

  bluszcz@jabberpl.org (algernon)
  amread@nyx.net (schizo)
  nim@nimlabs.org (schizo)
  david@lupercalia.net (schizo)

The following applicants have been on hold longer than 6 months:

  stuartstegall@hotmail.com (csmall)                            2002-03-20
  david@lupercalia.net (schizo)                                 2002-04-06
  nim@nimlabs.org (schizo)                                      2002-04-30
  kh@beingmeta.com (mako)                                       2002-11-25
  nimh@freeshell.org (csmall)                                   2002-12-12
  alextreme@xs4all.nl (csmall)                                  2003-05-26
  grahame@ucs.uwa.edu.au (csmall)                               2003-05-26
  bernard@blackham.com.au (pyro)                                2003-06-01
  david@dparrish.com (madkiss)                                  2003-08-12
  nolden@kde.org (joerg)                                        2003-08-16
  zweije@xs4all.nl (lintux)                                     2003-08-16
  robert.ribnitz@unifr.ch (joerg)                               2003-08-22
  andrewc@piffle.org (joerg)                                    2003-08-22

Database inconsistency errors
  AM name is in brackets.
AM Confirm date set into the future
  stappers@stappers.nl: 2004-11-07 occurs after 2004-02-22 (tbm)

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