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AM Report for Nicolas Duboc

Report for new developer applicant Nicolas Duboc <nicolas@duboc.net>:

Summary: Accept

1. Identification & Background

Check with key ID F801A743:

ID Check passed, Key signed by existing DD Roland Mas

Output from keycheck.sh F801A743:

  gpg: key F801A743: "Nicolas Duboc <nicolas@duboc.net>" 1 new signature
  gpg: Total number processed: 1
  gpg:         new signatures: 1
  pub  1024D/F801A743 2002-10-01 Nicolas Duboc <nicolas@duboc.net>
       Key fingerprint = C0D3 F2F0 0CAC 142A 4623  9110 1009 52B5 F801 A743
  sig!        144843F5 2003-04-10   Roland Mas <lolando@debian.org>
  sig!3       F801A743 2002-10-01   Nicolas Duboc <nicolas@duboc.net>
  sig!3       F801A743 2003-04-11   Nicolas Duboc <nicolas@duboc.net>
  sub  1024g/B8213C2B 2002-10-01 [expires: 2003-10-01]
  sig!        F801A743 2002-10-01   Nicolas Duboc <nicolas@duboc.net>

Applicant writes:

   Who am I ? Well, I'm currently a computer science engineer, working in
  Sophia-Antipolis (on the French Riviera).
   I installed my first GNU/Linux system (a Slaskware) in 1998 from a
  demo-cdrom bundled with a magazine. I have been using GNU/Linux as my
  main system since then.
   Debian is surely the distribution that fits best my way of using and
  feeling an OS.

   Having used Debian for four years, I had always known that, one
  day, I would participate in the Debian project. When the zile package was
  orphaned, I decided to adopt this software I use every day.


   After a so long time using free software, I fully understand the
  reasons and the advantages of the Social Contract. I totally approve
  this contract since this is already the way I think.
   I have decided to contribute to the Debian project firstly because I
  want to improve software I use (yes, I know this is egoistic, but it is
  true not only for me ;-) and to give back to a community which has
  given to me a lot (I have learned most of what I know about computers
  from free software).

A google search shows his personal homepage at
http://www.duboc.net/nicolas which includes page for his Debian work.

2. Philosophy and Procedures
Nicolas has an adequate understanding of Debian's philosophy and
procedures.  He did a very nice job providing answers to all my
questions about the Social Contract, DFSG, BTS, and other Debianisms.

3. Tasks and Skills
Nicolas is the maintainer of zile (sponsored by Falk Hueffner
<falk@debian.org>) and lib-dom-java.  He also answered my other
questions regarding T&S without problems.

4. Recommendation
I recommend Nicolas as a Debian developer.
Account: nduboc
Forward-Email: nicolas@duboc.net

Don't worry, it's *in*-flammable.

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