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Re: Packages in the archive

* Taketoshi Sano <sano@debian.org> [2003-11-19 22:34]:
> > A package is not required just for the sake of it... there's
> > actually a good reason for it.  So the question you have to ask is
> > whether it shows that he maintains the package in a good way.
> I see.

> > Same as above; so, yeah, it's not a problem (although he should
> > clearly be listed in Uploaders: if he's a co-maintainer).
> OK, now i can tell my applicant about this requirement.
> Thank you.

Actually, since I sent my mail, I wanted to send a clarification;
thanks for reminding me. ;-)

Basically, applicants have to show that they have contributed to the
project.  The contribution can be in many ways, but it typically is
related to what the applicant wants to do for Debian.  So a porter
will usually contribute porting related work.  And someone who
primarily joins Debian to maintain packages will probably have a
contribution in form of package maintenance.  It doesn't really matter
whether they maintain the package on their own, or together in a team.
What matters is their _contribution_.  So if someone is listed in
Uploaders: but doesn't do any work, that's obviously a bad thing (e.g.
I'm listed as an uploader for console-common even though I haven't
worked on this package for years.  They just forgot to remove me).  On
the other hand, if someone makes a really good contribution which is
not credited anywhere, then that contribution is a good thing and
should be taken into account.

So the "having a package" requirement (for people joining Debian as
package maintainers) is really have "having made a contribution"
requirement (together with a "are they able to do good work in this
area" question).  And I think this requirement is fair -- why do you
want to join a project before actually making a contribution?

(disclaimer: speaking as myself, etc)
Martin Michlmayr

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