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AM Report for Al Stone

Name              : short:  Al Stone 
                    long:   Albert H. Stone, III

Process for this application:

ID check:  The applicant sent me his signed GPG key.  It is attached.

Philosophy and Procedures were checked in the following way:
The applicant was asked to select 3 packages from non-free.  For each
package, he was asked to compare their licenses with each of the first 
9 points of the DFSG, and show what changes would be needed to make
the package DFSG-free.  He did this work for the following three

Tasks and Skills were checked in the following way:

The applicant made Debian packages for oprofile and prospect.  I warned Al
about the difficulty of starting off with such a big job, but he was
enthusiastic to do it, since these packages were/are relevant to his work.

These packages were especially challenging because:
-- the upstream code was in a state of rapid evolution.  Early 
versions did not work on the systems where I tested it.  
-- oprofile itself had to be built in several packages, including packages
to help users build their own oprofile modules.  
-- it was also found that a special installation script was required 
to detect the kernel on the target machine.  

I tested (and tested ...) the packages Al sent on a sid system.  
Al's responsiveness to my bug reports were, I think, a good indication 
of his likely mode of operation as a Debian developer.  This is a good 
thing for a package as complicated as oprofile.

I am happy to recommend that Al Stone should become a Debian developer.

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