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AM Report for Robert Alan Larson


AM report for Robert Alan Larson (called Blars Blarson) follows:

1. Identification and Background

Key signed by 6 DDs:

LANG="C" ./keycheck.sh 68AC5746
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pub  1024D/68AC5746 2002-04-16 Robert Alan Larson (Blars) <blarson@blars.org>
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sig!3       68FD549F 2003-06-20   Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com>
sig!3       68AC5746 2002-04-16   Robert Alan Larson (Blars) <blarson@blars.org>
sub  1024g/37B6B1E4 2002-04-16
sig!        68AC5746 2002-04-16   Robert Alan Larson (Blars) <blarson@blars.org>

2 signatures not checked due to missing keys

-> ID check passed.

Blars writes:

*** snip ***
Professionally, I'm a system administrator for several AIX, Solaris,
and Linux systems, as well as being in charge of the network hardware
for a couple of hundred systems.  Besides one of my desktop systems,
the only Debian system at work is currently the firewall for the two
hundred systems.  (I hope to get more.)  My main responsibility for
the past decade as been System Administration, before that I was a
programmer. (Basic variants, C, PL/1 variants, and some obscure
stuff.)  I've had experience with a variety of systems at work.

At home, I've been using Debian for almost two years.  Before that I
had a Red-Hat system, but it was not sufficiently reliable or usable
to replace my Sun/Solaris system as my primary system.  Between RH 4.1
where I started with it and 7.0 which I tried and rejected, I felt RH
was going in a different direction than I wished to.  I had been
loading some applications from the RH 4.2 cds that they dropped on the
later versions, and they were no longer compatible with 7.0.  When I
started looking at other distributions, I found Debian had the
applications I wanted including cnews and olvwm.  Once I had
experienced updating with Debian, I was very impressed.  (It is better
tested and integrated than any commercial unix I've ever used.  That's
paying thousands of dollars a year for support.)


At a local Linux conference, SCALE, I wound up running the Debian
booth most of the day, letting people know about Debian, giving out 20
cds, and selling T-shirts.

Since I take advantage of other peoples generosity, I feel obligated
to help make the world a better place in ways that suit my skills and
temperament.  Debian is such a project that I feel I can contribute to
in a relatively small way by maintaining a few packages, contributing
temperament does not fit that of being a DPL, and I don't want to
invest the time needed to maintain a major package like GCC or

I've been contributing free software for many years, none of which got
me fame.  Hinfo (see below) and mod_access_rbl for apache are the
currently useful ones.  I also publish my own DNSbl, BlarsBL.  (aka

*** snip ***

2. Philosophy & Procedures
Blars knows our Philosophy and Procedures and he agrees with it.
He answered my questions regarding P&P correctly.

-> P&P passed.

3. Tasks & Skills
Blars currently maintains hinfo and suck which are both already in the
arhive an sponsored by Tollef Fog Heen and Matt Kraai.

There are/were are few minor issues in hinfo and suck which he resolved
quickly/were already resolved in his local copy and are to be uploaded

Blars also answered my T&S-questions correctly.

-> T&S passed.

4. Recommendation:
I recommend that Blars be accepted as Debian Developer.

Account: blarson
Mail forwarded to: debian@blars.org


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