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Re: Work-needing packages report for Jul 11, 2003

On Fri, Jul 11, 2003 at 09:20:12AM -0600, Jamin W. Collins wrote:

 > >  I can't believe that the QA people can say, with a straight face,
 > >  that they are willing to maintain this pile of dung until someone
 > >  shows up.  If we have so many maintainers and there are more at
 > >  the burg's doors piling over each other in order to enter, why
 > >  does the WNPP list keep growing like this?
 > Sure there are a number of people at "burg's doors" waiting to become
 > a Debian Maintainer.  I'm one of them.  As of today, I've been
 > awaiting DAM approval now for 155 days, with no end to the wait in
 > sight.  I've already adopted one orphaned package (Jabber) and made
 > significant improvements to it.  However, the 150+ day wait for DAM
 > approval has deterred me from looking at adopting any more packages.

 I have no idea who the AM for Jamin was/is, nor why the long delay.
 But what I see here is a person willing to work and is willing to put
 up with whatever the NM process asks for (heck, I sent the message to
 -devel, which is not even required reading for DDs).  

 Hopefully the DAM will consider^Wread this.

 > Perhaps a requirement of becoming a Debian Maintainer could be the
 > adoption of one of the WNPP packages (assuming there are any in line
 > with the applicants skills).  

 I'd wouldn't impose that upon new people.  Requiring a package is
 something I can agree with (modulo exceptional circumstances), but
 adopting something in the WNPP list is not.  If they do that willingly,

 > However, the DAM approval process needs serious review.  Keeping
 > anyone in awaiting DAM approval for more than 60 days without any
 > kind of notice or update is quite frankly rude and unneeded.

 I agree with that.


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