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AM Report for Arthur de Jong


Report for applicant Arthur de Jong <arthur@tiefighter.et.tudelft.nl>:

Summary: I recommend that Debian accept Arthur's application.

pub  1024D/9F8D08A7 2001-11-19 Arthur de Jong (Development) <arthur@tiefighter.et.tudelft.nl>
sig!3       9F8D08A7 2001-11-19   Arthur de Jong (Development) <arthur@tiefighter.et.tudelft.nl>
sig!3       EA1572F1 2002-08-30   Ivo Timmermans <ivo@o2w.nl>
sub  2048g/7566BBCF 2001-11-19
sig!        9F8D08A7 2001-11-19   Arthur de Jong (Development) <arthur@tiefighter.et.tudelft.nl>

Arthur's key is signed by Ivo Timmermans.  ID check passed.


Arthur writes about himself:

| I'm a software engineer at West Consulting in the Netherlands
| (www.west.nl). I finished my computer science study at Delft University of
| Technolofy (www.its.tudelft.nl) about two years ago.  During my study I
| first installed Linux (Slackware 1.0 I believe) around 1995. I upgraded
| from a.out to elf by hand (recompiling gcc, libc and all the tools by
| hand), horribly trashing my setup. I later removed it and used windows a
| couple of years.
| A couple of years back I was looking to reinstall Linux and came acros
| Debian. We already had Debian (bo or hamm, I'm not sure) running on De
| Koornbeurs (a youth organisation I'm involved with, see www.koornbeurs.nl)
| and were very pleased with it. I liked the non-comercial attitude very
| much and was very pleased with the technical aspects (packaging, smooth
| upgrades, open structure, etc).
| After using Debian some time I became more involved with it. Reporting
| bugs, following debian news, occasionaly helping out on debianhelp.org,
| etc. I also develop software professionally and privatly and as an
| experiment started packaging new stuff as debian packages.

Philosophy & Procedures

Arthur understands and agrees with the Debian Social Contract and the
DFSG.  He has read and agrees to abide by the DUMP.  He did an excellent
job answers my questions on the policies and procedures of Debian.  P&P
check passed.

Tasks & Skills

Arthur already has two packages in Debian (cvsd and randomize-lines) and
I've looked over them and I believe them to be packaged well.  Both
packages meet Debian's policies, have few existing bugs against them and
generally appear to be well cared for.  T&S check passed.


I recommend Arthur be added to the Debian ranks so that he may maintain
the packages he already has in Debian more easily and continue to do
excellent work for Debian and it's users.


		Stephen Frost
		Application Manager

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