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The Oracle is ignoring you!

If you want the Oracle to answer a question for you, you *must*
have the words "tell me" or "tellme" somewhere in your subject line.
Capitalization doesn't matter.

If you are answering a question, you must have the word "answer" and
the Question ID in the subject.  Usually you can get this by replying
to the question in the normal way in your mail program, inheriting the
question's "Subject:" line.

If you want a helpfile from the Oracle, send a message with the word
"help" as the subject.

If you want the Oracle to send you a question to answer, put the words
"ask me" or "askme" in the subject.

Please read the helpfile before trying to use the Oracle.  It is also
available at the Oracle's website <http://www.cs.indiana.edu/~oracle/>.

If you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe to the Internet Oracularities,
this is the wrong address.  Send your subscription requests to
oracle-request@cs.indiana.edu as described in the helpfile.

If you wish to submit your ratings on the Internet Oracularities, send
them to oracle-vote@cs.indiana.edu as described at the top of each issue
of the Oracularities digests.

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