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AM Report for Roland Stigge

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Report for new developer applicant: Roland Stigge <stigge@antcom.de>

Summary: Accept

1. Background
- -------------

The applicant writes:

Well, where should I start? Computers came into my life 15 years ago. In
1998, Debian became my first Debian distribution. Since I installed it
completely over a telephone line (!), inbetween I also used the common "CD
distros". But after fiddling around with the different techniques and
philosophies of the distributions I completely got back and run Debian on
7 machines at home now. From 2000 to 2001 I worked at a transatlantic
biotechnology corporation in Berlin administrating 10 servers and over 50
Linux (computer scientist's) boxes all running potato and woody.
Currently I'm studying Computer Science at Humboldt University in Berlin.

More related to Debian, I intend to be a good packager. I like the idea of
spreading DFSG-compliant licenses. IMHO it's a good idea to "support" the
unofficial integration of non-DFSG-compliant software (contrib and
non-free). This is my favourite method to help people with the transition
to completely free systems in the sense of DFSG.

2. Philosophy and Procedures
- ----------------------------

Roland has a very good understanding of Debians Philosophy and Procedures.
He answered all my questions without any problem, in a professional and
detailed way.

3. Tasks and Skills
- -------------------

Roland already maintains two packages in Debian (ant-phone, of which he is
also upstream, and hyperlatex) and he was perfectly able to answer all my
questions without esitation.

4. Recommendation
- -----------------

I reccomend to accepted him as Debian Developer.

Account:       stigge
Forward-Email: stigge@antcom.de


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