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Re: AM report for Ayman Negm <a.negm@t-online.de>

* Domenico Andreoli <cavok@filibusta.crema.unimi.it> [2003-03-21 17:17]:
> He also knows basic task and skills required to begin working
> with debian.  He also made emacsbidi package, it is Emacs with
> support for Arabic and Hebrew languages. it is available at
> http://www.pipapo.org/Files/emacsbidi/ .

Please make sure Ayman gets a sponsor for the package.  Have him
work with a sponsor for a few weeks and then get the sponsor to write
a short status report of how the applicant has done and submit that.

Other AMs please read this.  While the web site may not be clear about
this, there is no good reason for a prospective package maintainer not
to have a package in the archive.  i.e. they won't get accepted
without having a package in the archive.

Martin Michlmayr

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