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AM report for Henning Glawe <glaweh@physik.fu-berlin.de>

Summary for Henning Glawe <glaweh@physik.fu-berlin.de>

pub  1024D/2D2F75EF 2002-05-26 Henning Glawe <glawe@web.de>
sig!       2D2F75EF 2002-06-10  Henning Glawe <glawe@web.de>
uid                            Henning Glawe <glaweh@physik.fu-berlin.de>
sig!       2D2F75EF 2002-05-26  Henning Glawe <glawe@web.de>
sig!       DFE80FB2 2002-06-10  Martin Waitz <tali@admingilde.org>
sub  1024g/187736AB 2002-05-26
sig!       2D2F75EF 2002-05-26  Henning Glawe <glawe@web.de>

He got his first i386 in 1993, worKing mostly under DOS. After gathering a
bit of experience, in 1995 he discovered Linux. The first distribution he
got was a SuSE, but dropped this after a month of trying because he
disliked the administrative concept behind it. Then he tried Slackware,
was very content with it, so he worked using it to 1997. At that time he
began to use RedHat, used it to 1999, tried Mandrake for a month,
switched back to RedHat. In early 2001 he tried Debian Woody, and after
resolving the installer problems he decided that this was _the_

In autumn 2001 he got a job as a part-time sysop in the department oF
Physics, Freie Universit=E4t Berlin, where he studies since 1999. They had a
very heterogenous network of FreeBSD, Tru64, Redhat, SuSE and 2 Debian
Potatoe machines; he decided to switch as many machines as possible to
Debian Woody for its superior package management and administrability.
They set up a FAI (Fully Automatic Installation, available as woody=20
=2Edeb). Now he puts much work into FAI itself and has worked out a remote
administration system out of it, which seems at least do work ;) He has
much contact with FAIs developer to get as much of my work merged into=20
FAI as possible, but due to the woody release there were no merges for
half a year...=20

He spent much time in building locally used debian packages (some of them
only locally usable because of license issues, e.g. Wolfram's
Mathematica), and after a year of working on many packages he want to put
as many of them as possible into Debian; because there's much work in
them and he thinks many could be useful for other people as well.

Philosophy & Procedures
Henning understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it.

Tasks & Skills
Henning is also ok with minimum tasks and skills required to start working
with Debian. He maintains a basic package (ircp) which is already in main archive.

I recommend that Henning be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: glaweh
Forwarding email: glaweh@physik.fu-berlin.de

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