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Re: Sentence on Website

On Wed, Mar 19, 2003 at 09:06:40PM +1100, Martin Michlmayr said:
> * Craig Small <csmall@enc.com.au> [2003-03-19 11:22]:
> > > I don't understand, what " Failure to deliver mutually agreed upon
> > > projects" should mean. Can someone express it in other words?
> > > 
> > If you're the applicant and I'm the application manager then we will
> > discuss what tasks you want to do with Debian and then both agree
> ...
> tbh, as a non-nativer speaker, I cannot make any sense of the sentence
> on the web page either.  Your explanation is good, but the sentence on
> the web site doesn't convey that information.  Can you (or someone)
> rephrase the sentence?

Perhaps something like: "Failure to complete tasks that have been
mutually agreed to"?  

I'm guessing that the sentence doesn't parse well for non-native
speakers because of the lengthy noun clause:
"Failure to deliver 'mutually-agreed-upon-projects'" rather than a problem
with the actual words, am I right?  If I'm guessing wrong, let me know,
and I'll try to come up with something better - my girlfriend's and
English teacher.
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