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AM report for Pierre Machard <pmachard@tuxfamily.org>

Report for new developer applicant:
Pierre Machard <pmachard@tuxfamily.org>
Summary: Accept

Pierre Machard is the first of the "documentation maintainers" to go through
the experimental doc T&S tests.  As I am quite busy and so far the only one
handling documentation maintainer T&S, he had two AMs: Joerg Jaspert
<joerg@debian.org>, and me.

1. Background

Pierre Machard is a student in University of Vannes (France). He's been
using GNU/Linux for 4 years now.  Debian GNU/Linux has been his only OS for
more than 1 year and a half.  His first difficulties were with the English
language.  So he decided that he would help to improve i18n and l10n in

More than one year ago, he started contributing to debian-l10n-french.
Nowadays, Pierre is an administrator of Tuxfamily.  Tuxfamily hosts more
than 1200 people who develop Free Software.

He says:
"For Debian, I am used to translating dsa, and dwn. I worked on boot-floppies
documentation.  I used to work for Debian for one year.  I have writting
permission on the webwml cvsroot.  I wish to improve access to the
documentation in Debian and to formalize my implication in the project"

2. Identification

Advocated by igenibel@debian.org.  Pierre "migus" Machard has a ton of
signatures in his GPG key, including at least two DDs per UID, and way
too many UIDs.

ID check passed.

3. Philosophy and Procedures

Pierre didn't get all of Philosophy right at the first try, but one essay
later (he's a documentation maintainer, so he gets to write) he knew where
he did go wrong.  Procedures were not a problem, he knows them all.

P&P check passed.

4. Tasks and Skills

Pierre went thorugh Joerg's usual questions and templates for package
maintainers, and went through my SGML, documentation and patience tests.  He
maintains the doc-linux-fr package.  He translated debian-installer and the
debian installation manual to French.  He manages the translation of the
debian securing manual in French.

T&S (+doc maintainer) check passed.

I recommend that Pierre Machard be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

account: pmachard
forward email: pmachard@tuxfamily.org

  "One disk to rule them all, One disk to find them. One disk to bring
  them all and in the darkness grind them. In the Land of Redmond
  where the shadows lie." -- The Silicon Valley Tarot
  Henrique Holschuh

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