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AM Report for Paul Telford <paul@droflet.net>

Report for applicant Paul Telford <paul@droflet.net>

Summary: I recommend that Debian accept Paul's application


pub  1024D/431B38BA 2002-07-10 Paul Telford <paul_telford@hp.com>
sig!3       EA291785 2002-08-23   Matt Taggart <taggart@debian.org>
sig!3       431B38BA 2002-08-16   Paul Telford <paul_telford@hp.com>
uid                            Paul Telford (PxT) <paul@droflet.net>
sig!3       EA291785 2002-08-23   Matt Taggart <taggart@debian.org>
sig!3       431B38BA 2002-07-10   Paul Telford <paul_telford@hp.com>
sub  1024g/3CBF329A 2002-07-10
sig!        431B38BA 2002-07-10   Paul Telford <paul_telford@hp.com>

Paul's key is signed by Matt Taggart.  ID check passed.


Paul writes about himself:
| Well lets see...  I'm 25 and working for Hewlett-Packard as a Unix Sys
| Admin.  I got my first exposure to Unix (SunOS) around 1994 when I
| started college and it wasn't long before I found Linux.  Slackware was
| my first distro.  I've been using Linux pretty much ever since.  In 
| about '97 I got involved in coding on a project called Mordor
| (http://mordor.nazgul.com) and am now responsible for the majority of
| the changes.  I have begun working on packaging a debian version of 
| this software.  Although it currently does not use a DFSG-compliant 
| license, the primary author and I have talked several times about 
| releasing it under the GPL.  I will revisit that issue with him and 
| try to come to a conclusion.
| More recently, I have been involved heavily with the 'autoinstall'
| project started by Progeny.  We are currently using this (very 
| successfully) at HP to deliver hands-free installations of Debian 
| to anyone in the company.  I made numerous changes to the (currently 
| distributed) v1.0 and submitted back to the maintainer.  He has told 
| me that he will be uploading a new version to unstable within the 
| next day or two.  In the meantime I have created an ia64 port (due 
| to the nature of autoinstall each port is quite different and must 
| be done by hand) and the preliminary part of an hppa port.  You can 
| find my ia64 version at http://droflet.net/debian/.  I have a DD 
| (LaMont Jones) who has agreed to look at it and make a sponsored 
| upload, although he is backlogged with other work ATM.  This package 
| is GPL'd.  Lucky for me, HP understands the GPL and knows that it is 
| a Good Thing, so they have no problem with releasing our changes.

Philosophy & Procedures

Paul clearly understand and agrees with the Debian Social Contract,
DFSG and DMUP.  He agreed to abide by them.  He clearly and correctly
answered all of questions from version 1.21 of the nm_pp.txt file
located under 'NM Stuff'/templates at:
http://goliathbbs.dnsalias.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/ as well as all
follow-up questions I had.  He also went through the process of
reviewing the bugs associated with the autolog package and determining
which can be closed and why.
P&P check passed.

Tasks & Skills

Paul took autolog and went through how it was packaged and packaged up a
new major release version of it (0.40).  Paul also went through the bugs
associated with autolog and fixed as many as he could without additional
information, and determined which bugs were fixed by the new upstream
version.  This involved programming and modifying the C code of the
autolog package.  After going through the packaging of autolog 0.40 very
carefully I feel that Paul did an excellent job and expect him to
continue to do so in the future.  I've also agreed to sponsor his new
autolog package, though I look forward to the day he can upload it
himself and not have to deal with my schedule and availability. :)
Paul also answered all of the questions from version 1.8 of nm_ts.txt 
file located under 'NM Stuff'/templates at:
http://goliathbbs.dnsalias.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/ as well as the few
follow-up questions I had for him.  His package passed lintian and
linda checks and my careful critique of it.
T&S check passed.


Paul is an excellent candidate and brings a great deal of expertise in
software to Debian.  Paul clearly has the knowledge and understanding to
be an excellent Debian developer and I look forward to him becoming one.
I support and recommend his addition to Debian's developer community.  

	Stephen Frost
	Application Manager

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