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Re: On Steve Langasek's comments

* Eray Ozkural <eozk@bicom-inc.com> [2002-12-24 08:56]:
> Anyway, the problem is although I wrote to James on this situation, he never 
> replied to me. Maybe he will take the opportunity to explain for once and all
> 1. Why I am required to find FIVE sponsors?
> 2. Who was the developer who convinced him that it should be that way?

Eray asked me in private mail to comment on this thread.  However, I
wonder why... since there is nothing new to say.  James has summarized
everything quite well a few months ago, and not much has changed since
then.  See:
(I'm talking about the "Rejections" portion of that message, not the
"Reprocessing" one.)

Martin Michlmayr

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