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On Steve Langasek's comments

Hi there,

I think Steve's comments about my application are largely fictional.

James did ask me to find 5 sponsors and the reason he cited was not him 
finding me untrustworthy, but rather another developer telling him that it 
would be better to do so. Now, I sincerely wanted to believe that, although 
it looked a little unreasonable. So I found 4 sponsors. As a matter of fact I 
did find a 5th sponsor (Christophe Prudhomme I think was his name) but he was 
too busy and I wasn't able to contact him later. I was also very busy so I 
couldn't get around to find a replacement. If anybody wants to be my 5th 
sponsor this case would be closed, I'd be glad if somebody familiar with my 
contributions to debian would step in.

Anyway, the problem is although I wrote to James on this situation, he never 
replied to me. Maybe he will take the opportunity to explain for once and all
1. Why I am required to find FIVE sponsors?
2. Who was the developer who convinced him that it should be that way?
3. Why didn't he reply to my e-mails? I would expect a reply at least for the 
sake of courtesy.


PS: Please CC: me

Eray Ozkural <eozk@bicom-inc.com>
Software Engineer, BICOM Inc.
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