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Re: Application: Anybody out there?

>> Florian Effenberger <florian@effenberger.org> writes:

 > Please don't misunderstand me, this is no complaint about Marcelo, he
 > tried to work everything out, but somewhere, there seems to be a
 > problem, even if it is just the fact that he is too busy or has SMTP
 > trouble ;)

 Yups.  There seems to be a communication problem somewhere.  Since I
 seem to be able to send mail to other places and receive mail from
 other people, and since I've been chasing this problem but haven't
 found anything that indicates an actual technical problem, I'd like to
 get Florian reassigned to another AM so that his application is finally

 For the new AM, I think it's better if you just start from zero.
 Florian and I were trying to get past the identification step.  Florian
 had answered some questions for the P&P part, but I think it's better
 if you redo that, too (if Florian agrees, that is).  Each AM has his
 own style and I guess this redoing this would make things go faster.

 Regarding my other applicant at the moment, I haven't heard from him in
 a while.  I'll ping him again.


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