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Re: Skills check for sponsored packages

* tony mancill <tony@mancill.com> [2002-08-20 21:14]:
> Asking folks not to use debhelper is silly.  What does it prove?

 It proves that you can help the autobuilders to speed up.  Hell, I
would even say if you haven't an m68k machine on which you build your
packages you should get rid of debhelper to speed up the build on that
platform for it's the one that really needs help.

> Software tools are written to be used; encapsulation of lower-level tasks
> is the name of the game.  Otherwise, why are we even bothering to package
> software?

 Of course tools are written to be used -- but you as the maintainer of
the package should *know* what's going on behind the scene just in case
debhelper freaks out and doesn't DWIM.  Wouldn't be the first time for
this happening.

 Think about it.
"Es hat keinen Sinn zu warten bis es besser wird -
 das bischen besser waer das Warten nicht wert"
                                  -- Die Sterne, "Das bischen besser"

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