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Re: Skills check for sponsored packages

On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

> Oohara Yuuma <oohara@libra.interq.or.jp> writes:
> >> My solution is to ask for a package built without debhelper (every DD
> >> should be able to do it).
> > I don't like reinventing the wheel.
> You dont have to like it. :)

Asking folks not to use debhelper is silly.  What does it prove?
Software tools are written to be used; encapsulation of lower-level tasks
is the name of the game.  Otherwise, why are we even bothering to package

<sigh> Maybe we should ask folks to compile their kernels without using
the supplied make files.  That would prove that they *really* know what
they're doing.

/voivod runs off to admonish one of his sponsees for using commands with
names longer than 3 letters!


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