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Rejecting Christiano Anderson <dump@via-rs.net>

I first contacted Christiano on 2001-10-11.  He stopped responding
after about two weeks, and after a month or so I put his application
on hold.  After six months, I wrote indicating that I would drop his
application if he did not respond and make significant progress.

He responded and we had a discussion about whether he actually had
time to be a Debian developer.

About a week ago I sent out the philosophy and procedures questions to
which I have had no response.

People's schedules change;

It is my conclusion as an application manager that Christiano Anderson
is not dedicating sufficient time to the application process that I
would be able to recommend him as a developer.  If you aren't either
going to notify people that you are on vacation or properly maintain
your packages, you are a drain on the project.

Scheduling constraints change; certainly Christiano can attempt to
apply again at some future time if he believes he will be able to
dedicate enough time both to the application process and to the
project after his application is accepted.  I hope that he finds time
to contribute to Debian; my brief communication suggests he is very
dedicated to the ideals of the social contract and project.  However,
I'd ask any application manager dealing with this applicant in future
to come to a clear understanding about how to manage time and how to
appropriately get help when external time pressures prevent you from
spending enough time on your packages.

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