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Re: AM report for Tore Anderson

I'm sorry, I've got a cold and that message went out without a

 Summary report for Tore Anderson


 Tore's GPG key is signed by Peter Karlsson:

 pub  1024D/103D398F 2001-09-05 Tore Anderson <tore@linpro.no>
 sig!        6394265E 2002-04-02   peter karlsson <peter@softwolves.pp.se>

 Tore is a 19 year old living in Oslo and working for Linpro in Norway,
 where he does system administration work.

 Tore would like to have "tore" as his account name on Debian machines.
 He's got some interpretation issues with the DMUP, but it's not
 anything unreasonable.  The DAM has, of course, the last word on that.
 He'd like this Debian email forwarded to tore-debian@linpro.no.

 Philosophy & Procedures

 Tore has explained the Social Contract very well and has shown working
 knowledge of several Debian procedures.  In Tore's words:

     The primary reason for my wish to become a DD is to contribute back
     to the community. Lately, I've had the feeling that I am in fact
     competent enough to give something back which actually will be
     useful to someone.

     I feel that being a DD matches this description, and since I've
     used Debian GNU/Linux for a few years now, it is the perfect way of
     achieving the aforementioned goal. It doesn't really matter if my
     contributions isn't major and revolutionary - I'm happy if there's
     only one member of the community who'll appreciate what I do.

     Additionally, I'd very much like not having to pester my sponsor to
     NMU my packages all the time. :)

 Tasks & Skills

 Tore has got several packages in Debian already.  From Peter:

     I have just uploaded a package created by Tore (ahcd), which has a
     very clean and sleak packaging. I have also been working with him
     on another package, which we however have not yet agreed completely
     on some details, but he is very thorough in insuring that the
     package is correct.


 I recommend that Tore is accepted as a Debian Developer.

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