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AM report of Geoff O'Callaghan

AM report on Geoff O'Callaghan

Geoff about himself:

I've been using Linux since early 1993 (pre 1.0) and switched to
Debian sometime after that.  I figured that it's now time to put
something back into the Debian community which has provided me with a
lot of really good quality stuff.

Of most interest (to me anyway) is the work i'm doing in the
development of a satellite control system built on top of Linux (of
course).  I have actively pursued making that development open source
and I believe I have achieved that.  The satellite for your interest
is built on twin single board strongarm cpu's and more information can
be found at http://www.asri.org.au/

As you can tell, i'm a bit of a rocket and space nut.  The role I play
is to develop software and to make sure as much of that is open source
as possible and to encourage the involvement of all interested parties
to develop quality open source products - something missing in this


Geoff's application is advocated by Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org>:

  I sponsored Geoff's first package, rocketworkbench. His first build
  was lintian-clean, and he quickly resolved a few minor issues that I
  pointed out. Geoff also wrote two manual pages for his package, and
  seems to be in regular contact with the upstream authors.


Key signed by Debian maintainer Hamish Moffat:

pub  1024D/39B5F8DE 2001-06-29 Geoff O'Callaghan <geoff@starbiz.com.au>
sig!3       39B5F8DE 2001-06-29   Geoff O'Callaghan <geoff@starbiz.com.au>
sig!        EFA6B9D5 2002-03-18   Hamish Moffatt <hamish@cloud.net.au>
sub  2048g/97280EA0 2001-06-29
sig!        39B5F8DE 2001-06-29   Geoff O'Callaghan <geoff@starbiz.com.au>


Geoff knows our Philosophy, and agrees to abide by the SC, DFSG and
the DMUP. He answered my questions on licences and on debian
procedures to my complete satisfaction.


Geoff has packaged rocketworkbench. The package is in the archives
through the sponsorship of Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org>. Besides
some unnecessary invocations of dh_*, two successive runs of
dpkg-buildpackage resulted in dpkg-source bombing out. When I pointed
Geoff to this problem he correctly answered my question why this
violates policy, and fixed it.

Tasks & Skills passed.

Evaluation and CheckIn

I'm glad to recommend Geoff as a new member to Debian.

Preferred login:   gocallag
Email forward to:  geoff@starbiz.com.au

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