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Andre Lopes

I was searching the internet for information when I came across your website titled "AM Report for Andre Luis Lopes". It occurred to me that this may be the Andre Lopes that I am gathering information on.

The Andre Luis Lopes that I know should not be allowed any internet rights in my opinion. The person that I know is currently being investigated for internet hacking and for telephone harrassment. I was a former victim of his and just in the past two weeks have obtained proof from internet services and BellSouth that it was indeed him that was the stalker/hacker. I have hired legal counsel and will prosecute as the Andre Luis Lopes that I know is an illegal alien from Brazil living in Tennessee without proper INS authorization. No one person should be allowed to harrass and stalk another, but I find it especially frightening when it is an illegal alien that should not be in America as is.

If I am mistaken about this being the same person, than I apologize.

Thank you

Libbi McCullough

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