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AM summary for Julien Danjou

Summary for Julien Danjou <acid@hno3.org>


Julien's key is signed by Debian developer Sebastien J. Gross.

pub  1024D/C2FEE5CD 2002-02-18 Julien Danjou <acid@frag-arena.net>
sig!       C2FEE5CD 2002-02-24  Julien Danjou <acid@frag-arena.net>
uid                            Julien Danjou (acid) <acid@hno3.org>
sig!       53BBA490 2002-02-23  Sebastien J. Gross <wam@chezwam.org>
sig!       C2FEE5CD 2002-02-18  Julien Danjou <acid@frag-arena.net>
sub  1024g/221D168B 2002-02-18
sig!       C2FEE5CD 2002-02-18  Julien Danjou <acid@frag-arena.net>

Philosophy & Procedures
Julien is involved with TuxFamily (http://www.tuxfamily.org/), another
SourceForge style site that's more free and more aimed at French
language speakers. He's familiar with the Social Contract and the DFSG,
knows about NMUs and can tell a non-free license.

Tasks & Skills
Julien's main interest in Debian packaging software for it, though he
would also like to help write some Perl for the project if he can
assist. He's packaged several things, which can be found at
http://www.hno3.org/debian.php . These packages were all lintian clean
except for a couple of missing manpages.

I recommend that Julien be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: acid
Forwarding email: acid@hno3.org


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