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Identification without Debian developer signature

I'm currently in the applicant queue with a problem
relating to the identification step.  I'm sending this
email after discussing the problem with my application

I have, despite trying for a number of months, been
unable to meet up with a current Debian developer so
that my key can be signed.  (I'm hoping to meet up
with someone at the end of this week, but it looks

I have scanned and signed my driving licence and
university staff ID card.  My key is currently signed
by another prospective developer (his key is signed by
a DD). 

What would be acceptable to those who make the

- A staff list is available on the WWW for my
department.  This could provide a link from my name to
my email account (and verify that I work there; that
together with the scanned ID should help).

- I could give you the name/email of a colleague who
can verify I'm here.  But if you don't trust the
university's web pages, then you probably won't trust
their email account....

Is there anything else I can do (beside continuing
trying to find a DD to sign my key)?



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