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AM report on Neil L. Roeth

AM report on Neil L. Roeth

Neil writes about himself:

I have been using Debian for about two and a half years, and have been
very impressed with the quality and stability of the distribution.  I
used Slackware for a while before that.  As a professional Unix
developer, I knew I could contribute to making it even better.  The
opportunity came when the programming language A+ was released as Open
Source software by Morgan Stanley.  I have used the language for
almost seven years, and now it can be a part of Debian.  There have
been several requests for the Debian packages, so I packaged it (see
below).  Obviously, there is interest in this package.  I don't like
to do anything without doing it well, so that means I want to maintain
the package, do the uploads, take care of bug reports, etc., without
having to continually bother a sponsor (though Zhaoway has been a
great sponsor thus far and has not expressed any reluctance to

My job is developing trading applications for the finance industry.
Morgan Stanley is a big company, so I rarely do anything lower level
than application programming.  My company is planning to move to Linux
in a fairly large way, so I will likely be using Linux systems there
in the near future.  I am happy about that, since I believe GNU/Linux
software is very high quality.

Neil has been sponsored by Zhaoway. Zhaoway advocates Neil's application:

Neil Roeth has packaged the A+ package, A+ is a programming language
descended from the APL. It comes from Morgan Stanley under GPL at
http://aplusdev.org. The packaging involves an XEmacs interface,
shared libraries, and dealing with X fonts. So it's quite some
work. My communication with him during sponsoring also showed that
Neil is a responsible person.

Neil's key is signed by debian developer Dave Baker:

pub  1024D/FAEEB4A9 2002-01-15 Neil L. Roeth <neil@occamsrazor.net>
sig!       FAEEB4A9 2002-01-15  Neil L. Roeth <neil@occamsrazor.net>
sig!       D7BCA55D 2002-02-09  Dave Baker <dsb3@debian.org>
sub  1024g/85541C31 2002-01-15
sig!       FAEEB4A9 2002-01-15  Neil L. Roeth <neil@occamsrazor.net>

Neil knows our Philosophy and agrees to it. He answered to my complete
satisfaction my questions about free and non-free licences, and about the
basic debian procedures.

Neil has packaged the a+ programming system (source package:
aplus-fsf).  This is a non-trivial package comprising a binary package
for the runtime system, development package, a package for an emacs
mode, documentation package.  Lintian-clean, builds and installs
cleanly, and well done. I could only find some minor glitches
which he offered to fix immediately.

Evaluation and Check In:
I'm glad to recommend Neil Roeth as a new member to Debian.

Preferred login:     neil
Email forward to:    neil@occamsrazor.net


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