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AM Report for Andre Luis Lopes

I am pleased to report that Andre Luis Lopes has, to the best of my
ability to judge, satisfied the requirements for becoming a Debian

Applicant was unable to have his gpg key signed, though he did attempt to
contact the nearest local developer, who was unable to help at the time,
and is too far away from other area developers. Instead, has provided
an official Brazilian document, which was signed and encrypted by his
gpg key.

Philosophy & Procedures
Applicant agrees with the Social Contract and DMUP and will abide by
them. Further, applicant is able to provide examples and counter-examples
of DFSG-compliant licenses, and understands and can describe why or why
not the given examples comply.

Tasks & Skills
Andre maintains the admwebuser package, which is lintian-clean, functional,
and demonstrates the abilities one would expect of a package maintainer. He
is also active in the Debian-BR Project, a project aimed at advancing
Debian within Brazil and at making it easier to use for Portuguese speakers
and Brazilian users. This includes a great deal of translation work.  Andre
also expresses a desire to contribue to the QA group.

I recommend that Andre be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: andrelop
Forwarding address: andrelop@ig.com.br
debian-private subscription address: andrelop@debian.org

Mike Markley <mike@markley.org>
GPG: 0x3B047084 7FC7 0DC0 EF31 DF83 7313  FE2B 77A8 F36A 3B04 7084

"What terrible way to die."
"There are no good ways."
- Sulu and Kirk, "That Which Survives", stardate unknown

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