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Summary of report on Peter Mathiasson <peter@mathiasson.nu>

Summary: I recommend accepting Peter.

Peter intends to package GPG Keys, a GPG key management frontend
written by him.

He was advocated by Anders Hammarquist <iko@debian.org>.

2. Identification

Peter provided a key signed by Anders Hammarquist <iko@debian.org>.

3. Philosophy and Procedures

I asked Peter the sample questions from the HOWTO, and he answered
them satisfactory.

4. Tasks and Skills

Peter answered all the "Tasks and Skills" questions from the HOWTO
correctly.  I don't include them here for brevity.

I've looked at his gpg-keys package, which is available from
http://www.mathiasson.nu/debian. I've looked at it, but found nothing
to complain except it was done as "native" package without a diff,
which he fixed.


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