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AM Summary for Daniel Stone

Summary for Daniel Stone <daniel@sfarc.net>

Daniel writes about himself:

> Basically, I was a happy Windows user, until Dad gave me a Slackware
> CD, and told me I should have a look at "this Linux thing". I did,
> and I was duly unimpressed with Slackware (I couldn't get X to
> fire), but I saw stacks of potential in Linux itself. The next day,
> I went out and shelled out about a month's pocket money to buy
> RedHat 5.1. I liked it, but didn't really know how to use it, and so
> I went back to NT. A while later, I bought a Linux Pocketbook, and
> that set me down on the path of Linux. Then, I finally got sick of
> all the Undernet #linux ops answering "Get Debian" as the response
> to all my questions about RH, so I got Debian.


His key is signed by Glenn McGrath and Roger So:

uid                            Daniel Stone <daniel@kabuki.openfridge.net>
sig!       98FAA0AD 2001-03-22  Roger So <rkcs@students.cs.mu.oz.au>
sig!       3CED7EFD 2001-03-20  Daniel Stone (NEC Business Solutions) <daniel.stone@nec.com.au>
sig!       788B94BF 2001-03-28  Glenn McGrath <bug1@optushome.com.au>
sig!       88CCE720 2001-07-04  Jeremy Lunn <jeremy@austux.net>
sig!       2CFD1C38 2001-09-29  Jamie Wilkinson <jaq@xware.cx>
uid                            Daniel Stone <daniel@sfarc.net>
sig!       3CED7EFD 2001-07-03  Daniel Stone (NEC Business Solutions) <daniel.stone@nec.com.au>
sig!       88CCE720 2001-07-04  Jeremy Lunn <jeremy@austux.net>
sig!       2CFD1C38 2001-09-29  Jamie Wilkinson <jaq@xware.cx>

Philosophy & Procedures

Daniel could answer all of my questions about the Social Contract and
the DFSG to my satisfaction. I also asked him about NMUs and the BTS,
and he answered my questions correctly.

He understands and agrees with Debian's philosophy.

Tasks & Skills

Daniel initially packaged epic4-script-light, ulogd,
kernel-patch-ulog, kernel-patch-irc, kernel-patch-ttl; though except
epic4-script-light, the rest were orphaned, and are adopted
now. Currently he maintains kdeadmin, kdenetwork, kdepim and kdessh in

I'm satisfied both with his packaging skills, and the answers he gave
to my packaging related questions.


I recommend Daniel be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: daniels
Forwarding email: daniel@sfarc.net

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