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AM summary for Benjamin Drieu

Summary for Benjamin Drieu <bdrieu@april.org>


Benjamin is 23 years old, lives in Paris, France. He is one of the
creators of APRIL (Association for Promotion and Research in Libre
Computing), and he is deeply involved in FSF Europe. Since March,
2000, he is working for Alcôve, a French service company which only
uses and develops free software.


Benjamin's key is signed by Roland Bauerschmidt, Igor Gendibel,
Guillaume Morin and Rémi Perrot:

pub  1024D/904BE741 2000-02-07 Benjamin Drieu <bdrieu@april.org>
sig!       904BE741 2000-02-07  Benjamin Drieu <bdrieu@april.org>
sig!       9B018BEA 2000-04-17  Xavier Renaut <xrenaut@risc.fr>
sig!       A9FA17FF 2001-07-11  Roland Bauerschmidt <rolandbauerschmidt@gmx.de>
sig!       B4C5F37F 2001-07-08  Olivier Berger (GNU Project) <oberger@gnu.org>
sig!       DB41B387 2001-07-05  Bradley M. Kuhn <bkuhn@gnu.org>
sig!       4ED62BFE 2001-07-18  Rémi Perrot <remi.perrot@torrep.org>
sig!       AFD10ACF 2001-07-17  Frederic Couchet (FSF Europe) <FredericCouchet@fsfeurope.org>
sig!       DF5CE2B4 2001-07-19  Simon Huggins <huggie@blackcatnetworks.co.uk>
sig!       909A5406 2001-07-17  Raphael Rousseau <r4f@april.org>
sig!       7219B54E 2001-07-20  Virginie Vacca (Nouvelle adresse principale) <virginie@nerim.net>
sig!       169E6295 2001-09-07  Ludovic De Saint Jean (Ceci est la bonne clée a utiliser/This is the good key to use) <cassetou@free.fr>
sig!       D6E3D121 2001-09-06  Laurent Martelli <laurent@bearteam.org>
sig!       15E92319 2001-09-06  Aurelien Beaujean <aurelien@beaujean.org>
sig!       8E05DA02 2001-09-07  Marc de Saint Sauveur (mOxyd) <marc@tuxfamily.org>
sig!       0172CB50 2001-09-07  Arnaud Fontaine <arnaud@tchooze.com>
sig!       72F1F20D 2001-09-07  Rodolphe Quiédeville (Travaillons Libre) <rq@lolix.org>
sig!       E42FE038 2001-09-07  Vincent TOUGAIT (Hash-group) <viny@hash-group.net>
sig!       9D735B4F 2001-09-07  Igor Genibel <igenibel@debian.org>
sig!       BE6782ED 2001-09-07  Benoit FRIRY <benoit@friry.nom.fr>
sig!       C1F08C03 2001-09-08  Frederic Saincy <frederic.saincy@lovelinux.org>
sig!       578CB542 2001-09-12  Guillaume Morin <guillaume@morinfr.org>
sub  1024g/C89CC0AB 2000-02-07
sig!       904BE741 2000-02-07  Benjamin Drieu <bdrieu@april.org>

Philosophy & Procedures

Benjamin could answer my questions about the Social Contract and the
DFSG to my satisfaction. He could also answer my questions about NMUs,
the BTS and various other things.

He understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it.

Tasks & Skills

Benjamin packaged w9wm, which is in sid (sponsored by Guillaume
Morin). It is a bit different than the version I saw, and with which I
was satisfied.

Benjamin also answered my questions about some packaging-related


I recommend Benjamin be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: benj
Forwarding email: bdrieu@april.org

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