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AM report for Alexei Kaminski

Summary for Alexei Kaminski

pub  1024D/C008CFC3 2001-11-12 Alexei Kaminski <kaminski@tpi.umn.edu>
sig!       C008CFC3 2001-11-12  Alexei Kaminski <kaminski@tpi.umn.edu>
sig!       27572C47 2001-11-20  Aaron M. Ucko <ucko@debian.org>
sub  1024g/84C5518D 2001-11-12
sig!       C008CFC3 2001-11-12  Alexei Kaminski <kaminski@tpi.umn.edu>

Russian, male, married. Born in 1972 in St. Petersburg, lived there until
1996. In 1996 moved to US (Minneapolis) as a Ph.D. students in physics
at the University of Minnesota. Graduated this August. Now a postdoc
at the physics department at the University of Maryland at College Park.

First he came to DOS. It was 1992, DOS was 3.3, his computer was 286
with 2Mb memory, EGA monitor .... [cut here] .... (it was 1999) so he
switched to Linux. What he uses it for? For web browsing and LaTeXing
mostly. He also do some programming. He is also the system administrator
for several Linux workstations around.

What he intends to do for Debian, and why he wants to volunteer his
time: As a physicist, he pretty often needs to calculate something like
((6.6e4)^(1/3))*0.15. None of the existing calculator programs satisfied
him, so he decided to write his own. And he did it.  And since he was
doing the hard part (coding) anyway, he decided to enjoy the fun part
of it. So he created an account at Sourceforge, and put his program
there. It turned out that some people may indeed need it. There have
been more that 1000 downloads within the last month and a half, he got
some positive feedback, bug reports, and recommendations. So he decided
to go further and have his program included into Debian. He could have
it just sponsored into Debian, but he decided to become the maintainer
for his program.  There are two main reasons why he want to do it: (1)
he is sure he will learn something new and interesting.  (2) he think
it will be more efficient if he is both the maintainer and the author.

Philosophy & Procedures
Alexei understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it.

Tasks & Skills
Alexei is also ok with tasks and skills. He produced a good package,
it is here: http://www.physics.umn.edu/~kaminski/calcoo-deb/

I recommend that Alexei be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: kaminski
Forwarding email: kaminski@tpi.umn.edu

best regards

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