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AM Report for Erich Schubert

Summary: I recommend accepting Erich

Erich lives at Germany. He has been using Linux for the last
5 years or so, has contributed to Debian with translations and
helping packaging and maintaining one package.

2. Identification

Erich's key has two uids. The one he's going to use with debian
is signed by:
pub  1024D/4B3A135C 2000-11-07 Erich Schubert <debian@vitavonni.de>
sig        B3C281F4 2001-07-09  Alain Schroeder <alain@parkautomat.net>
sig        258D8781 2001-07-10  Michael Bramer <michael@debsupport.de>

3. Philosophy & Procedures

Erich understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it. He could
answer my questions (I got them from a template) about the Social
Contract, the DFSG, NMUs and the bug tracking system to my satisfaction.

4. Tasks & Skills

Erich packaged "libming", the source package for: libming, libming-dev,
libming-util, libswf-perl, php4-ming, python2-ming. These packages are
on the archive, sponsored by Bastian Blank (waldi@d.o). He has been
involved in the development of modlogan (yet packaged), and he could
rewrote successfully its debian/rules without using debhelper.


I recommend that Erich be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: erich
Forwarding email: debian@vitavonni.de

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