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AM summary for Dann Frazier

Summary for Dann Frazier


Dann writes about himself:

  I grew up in New Mexico and graduated with a BS in Computer Science from
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology last year.  My first encounter
with Linux was as a first year student at NMT in 1996.  I was a Linux user
for 2 years - primarily Slackware.  In 1997 I took a student job as a Systems/
Network Admin for the Math Department, where I maintained Solaris, Windows,
and RedHat Linux boxes.  This job gave me the opportunity to play with Linux
and become familiar with tasks like building kernels, installing the latest
security errata, managing samba, etc.

  I took a job for Hewlett-Packard last year in what is now the "Linux Systems
Organization".  It was there that I was first introduced to Debian, and was
less-than-gently persuaded to give it a try.  It took a couple of weeks before
i was typing /etc/init.d/<foo>, and about a month before i grokked dselect :),
but I quickly became hooked - initially due to just the technical merits, but
also to the philosophy later on.  I was amazed by the openness conveyed by the
BTS, and the strict adherence to the DFSG.  I soon installed Debian over all
of my existing RedHat systems.

  As a Debian maintainer, I would like to maintain packages that I find
useful, thereby making them more useful by others.
I will also continue to do general QA - filing bugs, submitting
patches, and writing the occasional man page.


Dann's key is signed by LaMontJones <lamont@debian.org> and Matt
Taggart <taggart@debian.org>:

pub  1024D/19A42D19 2001-03-29 Dann Frazier <dannf@ldl.fc.hp.com>
sig!       1BD4CA83 2001-08-08  Paul R. Rotering <rotering@animalcules.com>
sig!       8CEA233D 2001-07-31  Thomas Morin <thomas.morin@sympatico.ca>
sig!       A77A463D 2001-07-26  Greg Louis (bgl) <greg@bgl.nu>
sig!       EA291785 2001-03-29  Matt Taggart <matt@lackof.org>
sig!       BFB880A3 2001-07-26  Warren A. Layton (Debian) <zeevon@debian.org>
sig!       DB2DFB29 2001-08-24  Greg Kroah-Hartman <greg@kroah.com>
sig!       AFEEFE80 2001-07-26  Mark Crichton (preferred key) <crichton@gimp.org>
sig!       1A3B48DE 2001-08-20  David I. Lehn <dlehn@vt.edu>
sig!       7F297B27 2001-07-30  Billy Biggs <vektor@div8.net>
sig!       FB43611A 2001-08-27  VALLIET Emmanuel (Manu) <emmanuel.valliet@webmotion.com>
sig!       086C8803 2001-07-31  Michel LESPINASSE <walken@windriver.com>
sig!       B0C8713D 2001-07-28  Sandelman Software Works signing key <root@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca>
sig!       763BE901 2001-07-26  merlin@valinux.com
sig!       66FBC18C 2001-07-26  M. Drew Streib <dtype@dtype.org>
sig!       4BF2E217 2001-07-30  Stefanus Du Toit (sdt - newer key) <sjdutoit@uwaterloo.ca>
sig!       19A42D19 2001-03-29  Dann Frazier <dannf@ldl.fc.hp.com>
sig!       B5311C97 2001-07-27  Bart Trojanowski (home2) <bart@jukie.net>
sig!       0D35BED6 2001-07-25  Andreas E. Dilger <adilger@enel.ucalgary.ca>
sig!       AE004586 2001-07-26  Steve Birnbaum <sbirn@security.org.il>
sig!       282344AD 2001-07-26  Zygo Blaxell (Laptop) <zblaxell@feedme.hungrycats.org>
sig!       2492C98D 2001-08-01  Lars Marowsky-Bree <lmb@teuto.net>
sig!       24618BF6 2001-04-18  LaMont Jones <lamont@debian.org>
sig!       5120BEDD 2001-07-26  Jason Cook <jasonc@dsgtech.com>
sig!       34969A89 2001-07-29  Amy Fong <afong@furryterror.org>
sub  1024g/84CF72C7 2001-03-29
sig!       19A42D19 2001-03-29  Dann Frazier <dannf@ldl.fc.hp.com>

Philosophy & Procedures

Dann understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it. He could
answer my questions about the Social Contract, the DFSG, NMUs and the
bug tracking system to my satisfaction.

Tasks & Skills

Dann packaged SystemImager, which is in incoming, sponsored by Matt
Taggart. It is not a trivial package, and Dann did a good job with it.


I recommend that Dann be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: dannf
Forwarding email: dannf@dannf.org

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