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What to do when keys don't match

OK, Applicant has key signed by some key

sig!       CEDBBB50 2001-08-31  Paolo Didonč (dido) <dido@prosa.it>

db.debian.org says:

pub  2048R/175472C5 1998-10-29 Paolo Didone` <dido@prosa.it>
     Key fingerprint = E3 A5 DE 9D 6D 64 A4 70  DA EC 64 74 46 5E C8 2E
sig!       62479A09 1999-03-04  Davide Barbieri <paci@pluto.linux.it>
sig!       175472C5 1998-10-29  Paolo Didone` <dido@prosa.it>

CEDBBB50 != 175472C5

I got a provisional fail on the ID check.  I'm not failing the applicant
as I suspect Paolo just needs some key housekeeping.

Other than Paolo fixing keyserver up (an auric is deadish) what ELSE can
I accept to make ID check passed?

  - Craig
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