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NM report on Nick Rusnov

AM report on Nick Rusnov

About Nick:

Nick has in the past contributed to The Hurd and as a debian developer
intends to continue this work.

He writes himself:

Linux and Free Software play a pivotal role in my life, work and at

I use Debian and Free Software heavily in my work, I primarily do
techincal consulting with local and remote community districts,
helping to establish information infrastructure and provide training
to the community districts.

Nicks key is signed by debian member Alexander Pennace.

% gpg --check-sig rusnov
pub  1024D/F1219B84 2001-01-21 Nick Rusnov <nick@grawk.net>
sig!       F1219B84 2001-01-21  Nick Rusnov <nick@grawk.net>
sig!       E26A6F28 2001-08-27  Alexander Pennace <alex@pennace.org>
sub  1024g/4E2B035F 2001-01-21
sig!       F1219B84 2001-01-21  Nick Rusnov <nick@grawk.net>

ID check passed.

Philosophy and Procedures

Nick ansered my usual list of P&P question to my complete satisfaction.
He sent me a statement that he abides by the DFSG and the DMU.

P+P check passed.

Tasks & Skills

Nick intends to contribute to The Hurd. Since I cannot evaluate the
value of his contributions I asked Marcus Brinkmann (who was named by
Nick as an advocate) for a statement:

> Nick Rusnov contributes to the Debian GNU/Hurd project.  In the past, he has
> participated on the mailing list and on IRC and ported many packages that
> don't compile on the Hurd.  His contribution is immediately useful, but it
> would be of even more benefit if he could upload packages he
> compiled.

T+S check passed.

Evaluation and Check In

I'm glad to recommend Nick Rusnov as a debian member.

preferred name of account: nickrusnov or rusnovn

forward email to: nick@grawk.net


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