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Re: Your Debian New Maintainer Application has been removed

* Debian New Maintainer <new-maintainer@debian.org> [20010819 23:57]:
> On 2001-07-04 you applied to become a Debian maintainer on the Debian
> New Maintainer website at http://nm.debian.org/  After 6 weeks of
> applying, all applications who have not yet been advocated are deleted.

Is there general interest in having those 'your application has been
removed' and 'your application will be removed unless you find an
advocate soon' mails sent here?  If not, I will change that.  I just
wondered because I don't think they are really of great value here,
but I don't mind either way...  Respond in private please... I don't
think the lists needs a discussion about that. ;-)

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