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AM Report on Yotam Rubin

AM's Final Report for Yotam Rubin <yotam@makif.omer.k12.il>

 (Note that, in nm.debian.org he is registered as Yotam yotam, but
  it's mistake.  His actual name is Yotam Robin)

Yotam Robin has completed the new-maintainer checklist to my
satisfaction.  I recommend that he be accepted as a Debian developer.

        First name: Yotam
         Last name: Robin
    Current e-mail: yotam@makif.omer.k12.il
    Desired e-mail: yotam@debian.org, forwarded to yotam@makif.omer.k12.il


Yotam has provided a GnuPG-signed scanned image of his photo identification
and GnuPG-signed his written name image.  
He has also provided the following public key:

pub  1024D/4BFB9E74 2001-01-02 Yotam Rubin <yotam@makif.omer.k12.il>
sig!       4BFB9E74 2001-01-02  Yotam Rubin <yotam@makif.omer.k12.il>
sub  1024g/8DF8D119 2001-01-02
sig!       4BFB9E74 2001-01-02  Yotam Rubin <yotam@makif.omer.k12.il>

Unfortunately, he couldn't get his GPG key signed by official debian
maintainer, so he finally sent me Gnu-signed signed scanned image.
He has passed the identification check.

Philosophy and Procedures

Yotam explicitly agreed the Debian Social Contract and understand
Debian Free Software Guildelines.  He shows good understanding our
philosophy and free software.

Tasks and Skills

Yotam is maintainer of thttpd package via sponsorship. 
It's lintian free, so he passed skill checks.
In addition, he proposed documentation about
Weekly Debian user FAQ on debian-doc mailing-list

Evaluation and Check-in

I believe that Yotam will be a valuable contribution to the Debian
family.  He would be a good package maintainer.  I hereby recommend 
Yotam be accepted as an official Debian maintainer.

Regarding e-mail arrangements, please setup the following:

   yotam@debian.org forwarded to 
   with a debian-private subscription for yotam@makif.omer.k12.il

Thanks for your help.

Yours sincerely,
Fumitoshi UKAI
Application Manager for Yotam Robin

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